Pool Monitor Overview

Hydropi FaviconI started this project because I wanted to learn more about my Raspberry Pi and also create something that would be useful to me in the real world.  I ended up making this pool controller because, quite frankly pool maintenance is tedious work, so it was time to see if I could automate some of it with the Pi.

Given that I don’t have a background in coding or webpage design I wasn’t sure if I was even capable of doing it but with a bit of persistence and a lot of searching I managed to get it up and working. It has now been monitoring my pool since October 2015 and still seems to be going well.  I am hoping that in writing this blog I will achieve 3 things, firstly it will force me to go back over the code and make some changes and improvements, secondly give me a reference to look back on so I can remember how I put it together in case I want to make changes in the future and finally I hope that by writing it all down you may also find some of this useful with your projects.

So here is what I set out to achieve:

1.    Provide monitoring of 5 sensors

  • pH
  • ORP (Oxidation/Reduction Potential) – This can be used to measure chlorine levels
  • Salinity (Electrical Conductivity)
  • 2 x Temperature

2.    Record current sensor values and also graph long term readings.
3.    Send an email when the pool chemistry is incorrect and suggest corrective action to restore the balance.
4.    Control 4 x AC GPO’s that can be used for Pumps, Lights, Waterfalls etc. with multiple different timer settings.
5.    Create a Webpage and Phone App to access readings, settings, graphs and control the timers.

Here are a few pictures of the final unit.