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My name is Dominic, I live in beautiful city on the west coast of Australia called Perth, the Raspberry Pi has been a hobby of mine for a few yeas now, I bought my first Raspberry Pi back in 2014 with the intention creating a Media Centre for the house using OPENELEC and KODI.  While this was fun and worked successfully I really didn’t feel that I learnt a great deal as you pretty much just follow the instructions, load the software and your done.

The more I read about the Raspberry Pi the more I wanted to do a project with it that would be useful in the real world.  I always find I learn a lot more when doing something practically as it always throws up a lot of problems that you just don’t anticipate.

So with this in mind HydroPi – My Raspberry Pi Pool Monitor project was started.  I have no special skills in Linux, coding or web design but I think that’s the point of the Raspberry Pi, have an idea, take advantage of the generosity and skills of the Raspberry Pi community, learn new things and have fun along the way.

In part I made this website with the intention of sharing, answering questions if I can and helping others that also enjoy playing around with the Raspberry Pi. Another reason is just to write down things that I learnt for my own reference (saves me a lot of time when I’m making a new project). I should say that this blog wouldn’t be possible without the help of the great community at Wealthy Affiliate, the people there are incredibly encouraging and really do make it easy to create a website.

Given that I am learning all this too I am more than open to comments and ideas that could improve the website, my projects or my code.

I really hope you find the information here helpful.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me.




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